Carnival Catering
Taste The Fun
Jumbo Boxing Ring
Firetruck Slide
Jurassic Adventure
3 Mod Obstacle Course
Rat Race Obstacle Course
Titanic Slide
Carousel Bounce House
Ellie the Elephant
Rockin' Galleon
Jumbo Bounce House
Carousel Bounce House - Smiles and laughter abound
with this “turn of the century” tribute to the carousel.  
This beautifully produced inflatable bounce cleverly
recreates the centuries old handcrafted tradition and
detailed artwork.  The Carousel Bounce is enjoyable to look
at and fun to bounce in. 20' Diameter x20'H/req. 20amps
30 Foot Jumbo Slide - A spectacular visual
statement for any event. Up to 400 people per hour can
ride this huge 3 -story slide. Climb up the steps and
whoosh down on our custom slide bags. It’s built for
speed. 50'Lx20'Wx30'H/req. (2) 20amp plugs
Rat Race Obstacle Course - Will it ever end?  Does your
life sometimes take you in circles?  Feel like you’re going nowhere
fast?  Then this is the game for you!  The Rat Race is the hottest
new obstacle course around.  With its figure-eight track it is a
great alternative to other more conventional courses.  Tire runs,
squeeze plays, tackle dummies, tunnels and a giant slide to make for
one wild obstacle course. 58'Lx30'Wx24'H/req. (3) 20 amp plugs
Jumbo Boxing Ring - A pillow fight disguised as a boxing
match. Contestants wear hilariously oversizes foam boxing
gloves and sparring helmets and square off in a 20’ by 20’
inflatable ring with a deep bouncy floor and sides. A safe, fun
workout for all ages and tons of laughs for participants and
spectators alike. 20'Lx20'Wx6'H/req. 20amps
3 Mod Obstacle Course - Fun to play and
hilarious to watch.  Two players try to navigate
through tube tunnels, over walls, up ramps, and around
inflated barriers and giant rings.  This game can
accommodate many players per hour and is available in
two-module or three-module lengths.  2 mod:
50'Lx13'Wx13'X/req. (2) 20 amp plugs--3 mod:
70'Lx13'Wx13'H/req. (3) 20 amp plugs
Firetruck Slide - As a tribute to those brave men
& women, we have the most detailed inflatable to date.  
A giant slide for children’s enjoyment let them live out
everyone’s childhood dream to grow up to be a
firefighter.  Slide down the ladder onto this unique
inflatable. 28'Lx11'Wx20'H/req. (2) 20amp plugs
Jumbo Bounce House - For those smaller events
or kids when our Jumbo Bounce is too big!  15’ x 15’
Bounce House that can hold approximately 6 small
children at a time compared to the Jumbo Bounce at 8-
10 small children at one time.  Just as much fun at a
smaller size and price! 15'Lx15'Wx12'H/req. 20amps
Titanic Slide - Our Titanic slide challenges guests as
they enter through the cabin area of the sinking ship and
climb up and emerge at the stern of the great ocean liner.
Make you way to the waiting waves below as you slide down
the deck to rejoin your friends. You’ll be “King of the World”
with this slide at your next event. 51'Lx21'Wx33'H/req. (2)
20amp plugs
Rockin' Galleon - It’s amazing! It’s unique! It’s the
world's first inflatable REAL amusement ride! It rocks back
and forth or can be used as a standard galleon play canter.
20'Lx20'Wx12'H/req. (3) 20amp plugs
Jurassic Adventure - Enter through the ancient dinosaur
bone yard, then use ropes to guide your feet up the rocky terrain
of the raging volcano at the mountain's peak. If you can't take
the heat, take the fastest route to the bottom on the 10-foot
dueling inflatable slides. Then, It's an adventure that you'll
never forget! 30'Lx30'Wx17'H/req. (2) 20 amp plugs
Ellie the Elephant - Typhoon with an exciting
slide exit down her trunk.  The wonder door
becomes one way…in only.  There are portholes for
parents to watch the kids having fun inside Ellie’s
balloon room. 24'Lx22'Wx12'H/req. 20amps